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Performing Arts

This is a guide to historical sources on performing arts focusing on the collections in the Chicago Collections Consortium.

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Archival Sources

You can search for collections broadly relating to music by clicking on the Creativity tab below the Search box on the homepage, and selecting "Music." Images digitized from collections appear at the top; physical collections appear below that.

Some highlights from music-related collections include the following:

You can also search for more specific topics, such as musician or musical organization. From the homepage, go to the Search box to search by keyword. For keywords that should be considered as a phrase, like a first and last name, use quotation marks around the keywords in question:

Ex.: "Louis Armstrong" or "Lyric Opera"

You will often have to go into the collection inventory itself to see where the keywords appear.

You can also go to the top Browse tab on the homepage to browse by name. This includes organizational names, as well as personal names. Note that people's names will show up in the following format: "[last name], [first name]."

Chicago Daily News, Inc., photographer. [Bandmaster, John Philip Sousa, standing near a train car], 1914. Chicago History Museum,

Online Sources

Some collections are not from Chicago Collections Consortium members. Check them out below. 

Books and other Published Sources

WorldCat allows you to search the holdings of libraries around the world. Check to see if these titles are at a library near you! If not, see if a local public library or a university with which you are affiliated allows you to do interlibrary loan.